I could use some help understanding/clarifying where patches, patch bundles and the content-repo are stored and how they are/can be replicated. These questions pertain to 10.2 and 10.3.

#1: Is my understanding correct in that all ZCM 10.2+ servers in a zone are Primary/Peer Servers (except the Reporting Server)? This is not a choice - it just IS. If you have installed ZCM on a machine - you now have a new primary/peer server?????

#2: Is it correct that ALL Servers (which would be all primary servers if question #1 is correct) will have patch management INSTALLED (although not necessarily enabled) on them?

#3: If #2 is correct, then is it correct that ONE Server will be assigned to download the patches by setting it in Configuration/Patch Management/Subscription download?

#4: If # 3 is correct, that being the case.... it is my understanding that all critical patches are automatically downloaded (also meaning cached in zcm terminology?). If they are automatically downloaded/cached, is it correct a bundle is automatically created for each of them? STOP - This is where I get really confused. Are they downloaded as files on the server that was designated as the download Patch server? If a bundle is created, does that mean that the file/files are now part of the content-repo and are located on ALL servers (since all servers are Primary and all Primary servers automatically replicate the content-repo between themselves???? Or, are they "patch bundles" located ONLY on the the server designated as the download server? Why does the "Cache Patch Bundles to Primary Servers" even show up, when it is GRAY/not able to be changed - documentation seems to contradict itself - telling you that you should choose it (NOT that it's an option anyway), but also that "every Primary Server has a cache of patch bundle content".

#5: In the Best Practices Guide, it states "By default, the Content Repository is synchronized between all Primary Servers and is downloaded.... You can, however, specify which Primary Servers host content (at least one Primary Server must host the content)" - This statement to me, contradicts itself. Does that mean that I can tell a Primary Server to NOT "host" content - meaning, I can tell a primary server that it will NOT contain the content repository???????

If that is the case, where do I specify that. Every other related forum and related pdf's state over and over that the Content Repository is synchronized to all Primary Servers.

Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts!