Here is a head scratcher for ya. Following the upgrade of our NW 65sp7 with BM to 3.9 sp2 IR1 with TCP stack from SP8 Iím having issues with the proxy. (What a surprise!) Here is the situation. I can connect no problem to my internal Citrix server on the which points to my in the DNS, but the interface is very slow. I connect from outside to and the speed is normal. Ha! Itís the proxy I figure, so I disable the proxy on IE7 and it works normally. I replace the proxy on IE7 and put the IP in the exceptions and itís still slow. I add the name of the server in the exceptions and itís normal again. So it needs both to bypass the proxy. In BM I have in proxy settings non cachable on Incorporate Online, Incorporation Services, LLC, Trademark | and but it seems to be choking on the proxy to translate from 443 to 8080. So far my workaround is to push both into the browser exceptions. Any other ideas?