My setup is NW65sp8a. I cannot get IE8 (on Windows 7) to print to a successfully installed iPrint printer. All other programs will print so the problem is the IE8 protected mode. If I turn protected mode off, I can print from IE8.
I have tried adding "ipp://server" and "ipp://server/ipp/printername" to the Trusted Sites section of IE8 - doesn't help - is my syntax incorrect?
Is there anyone out there who has actually succeeded in printing to an iPrint printer with protected mode on in IE7 or IE8 on Vista or Windows 7? If so, please tell me your secret!
I had the same problem on Vista with iPrint so I abandoned it and kept installing WinXP until Windows 7 came along. Now I find exactly the same thing with Windows 7.
I would hate to resort to having my users run IE8 with protected mode off all the time.
Thanks for any help.