Client site had a master replica fail last week, on a server holding the main file shares. Managed to get round the problem by promoting another server, kicking the problematic server out of the tree, cleaning up the tree, and bringing it back in. All worked fine, access to the nss pools were restored including trustee rights, a replica was placed back onto the server and away we went.

Late last week I came across a residual problem though. When going to assign rights to a new user I found that there was no NSS volume objects for the server within the tree - they were cleaned up prior to the reintroduction and not created when the server came back into the tree. Normally in Netware I would use the DSRepair option Check Volume Objects and Trustees to upload the volume information. The problem is I can't seem to find an equivalent option in OES - Linux. Can anyone lend a hand?

Thanks in advance.