I need to look very closely at WS-Groups for a piece of work. After scratching my head for a little while I came to realise who assumption was the mother of.
My WS-objects may show that they are a member of a group (ok that is fine) BUT another group not in the WS membership list may list them as a member. This can also work vice versa. I go looking at the members of a WS-Group nothing listed in that group, BUT look at the memebrship of a target WS and there is the group that claims it has no members.

OES Linux sp2 eDir v8.7.3.10 Binary Version: 10554.34

Zen servrs are sles9 Zen7 sp1 ir3 (I think might be ir4)

I am using forceMaster switch in C1, tried dstrace=*h and *b