We've found that with the 3 available clients for Win7/64 bit
( initial vista, 1st beta and now the released win7 )
there's a scenario were file caching actually is REQUIRED to get
clients working towards a Netware 6.5/sp8 server.
But, at the same time, file caching off course do cause problems.

Required ?
Yeah,, From win7/64 bit clients, trying to open Acad files, if file
caching is disabled and the file is opened by another user, the
station trying to open the file gets a "file not found".

But, enabling file caching instead gives a warning that the file is
opened by another user and you can open it read-only.

So,, for once file caching actually improves something.

BUT, here's the problem, file caching do what it so often does,
it causes file locks. Sometimes the same user which in NRM is said to
cause the file lock can not open it himself.

On the server, set variables for file caching and opportunistic
locking is OFF which obviously doesn't seem to matter.
Yesterday, we did another test with 2 stations and again tested
with the current nwclient that the situation is still the same,
file caching off = file not found if allready opened.
file caching on = file warning, but possible to open.