I know this must have been asked before, but I'm having difficulty finding a resolution using the search.

We have moved Zenworks server from Netware 6.5.8 to SLES 10 OES2, so far I'm happy with the results. All of our apps have been moved to the new server, and apart from some DNS issues, all is good.

I was informed yesterday that one of our licensed applications is getting a license error when launched. This makes sense as the license refers to a server which no longer provides this app.

However, Netware administrator cannot change the server assignment@

Explanation - The user is denied access to license units
Even though I am accessing as Admin, I've also tried as the user that created the license.

If I try to create a new license for this app in nwadmin I receive:

An LSP running on one server has attempted to fulfill a request by communicating with an LSP running on another server
The error then explains that NLSLSP.nlm should be running on at least one server with rights to that replica. However, we are now in a position where no Netware servers have any rights to any replicas.

Is there any way I can get around this?

Many thanks in advance