I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a method to find files on all pc's. I'm specifically looking for outlook .PST files but any file type would be interesting (like MP3 or JPG).
There is a file removal action which can dump files it finds but in the case of PST's i actually want to first see them and secondly copy them somewhere else so i can re-import them into the mailboxes.

I'm tempted to create an inventory item just to have the pst files located but the pst's could be in a few places on the pc based on how the user felt that day.

i'm guessing that batch scripting would be the way to go where piped dir output is filtered but i'm not that strong in the more complicated batch scripting.

We're not in a domain where i can plough thru all the pc's that way, i do have local admin access to many of the pc's remotely tho.