It is my understanding that all Microsoft Critical Patches will automatically cache(download), create themselves as bundles and become part of the content-repo which will automatically sync between all primary servers. If I have the check box for caching to the Satellites, they will also automatically cache to the satellites.

Does this happen immediately upon download/caching of the critical patch? Does this mean that if I have 150 remote sites connected over WAN links, my corporate site will be flooding my WAN links with these updates all AT THE SAME TIME? I have both a 10.2 and a 10.3beta testing - I can at least control in 10.3 that it will only happen at night and only take so much of the remote sites' bandwidth, but that still doesn't help out my corporate site's bandwidth if it's trying to send out to 150 remote sites. Any thoughts, suggestions, workarounds or clarification?

Is there any way to know when/what time a patch actually downloaded/cached to the Primary Servers content-repo OR to the Satellite content-repo?