Upgraded to the new NSM 2.5.1. Feels much slower at loading list and I even get errors if I try to click another container if a list is still being populated of the previous container. It seems to create an error for every user, container, group or policy it is trying to render. This can cause me to have to force quit the application since most of my containers contain hundreds of users which results in hundred of error messages.

Error window reads as follows.

DataGridView Default Error Dialog

The Following exception occured in the DataGridView:
System.Format Exception: Formatted value of the cell has a wront type.
To replace this default dialog please handle the DataError event.
Anyone else seen this?

Also, the program seems to re-render quite a lot which is quite annoying as usually I have a number of other windows open while I am working in NSMAdmin and I have to wait for the entire screen to finish refreshing because of the program.