Hello list.

In our network we integrate a citrix farm. So we installed W2k3 machines
with AD.
Our plan was to integrate the AD server into netware enviroment.
For the moment we're running a class-C net with a zone A for the Netware
servers 6.5.8 and a zone B for AD. All machines in the netware zone A work
in several workgroups.
We run these setting because a UNC input shows the wrong result. The
\\domainname should have a sysvol directory instead of netware login
directory. We didn't find a solution to show both.

My desktop (netware zone A) is not be able to get a good answer from the
netware server.
nslookup novell.server
gaves this back:
novell.server was not found from novell.server.
The machine has a NS-record

When I ask for novell.server2 I've got the right answer.

When I do a nslookup on server console there is the same answer for
The resolv.cfg is configured with local address of this machine.

What can be the reason for it? I'm a little confused here.

Both dns-server are using (the same) forwarders. What's the better way
a. Give both dns-server via dhcp to the clients or
b. One dns-entry via dhcp and secondary zones on dns-server?

Should we think about a dns-redesign? I'm open for all ideas to have a solid
dns enviroment.

Thanks in advance for your tips.

Best regards.

Dirk Emmermacher