We use ARCserve for our backup server. ARCserve uses an ingres database which has a tendency to grow very large. In 10 days of backups, this database grew to 6.5 GB. The default install location of ingres is /opt/CA/... While my root partition has about 10 GB free space this database eat into that considerably.

So I spoke with CA and I have two options. Purge database data regularly (meaning reducing the number of historical backup records) or moving the entire ingres installation over to a much larger nss volume. I did not like either option. I would prefer to have the application files still sit at the default location but have the actual data on the nss volume.

So I could create a soft link to a directory on the nss volume. The problem is setting the user rights. ARCserve sets up a user and group for ingres, but I cannot assign them rights to a directory on the nss volume. Keeps resetting to root.

How the heck can I get these rights assigned?

Thanks, Chris.

PS Have the exact same issue with ZCM and assigning the zenworks user and group to a directory on the nss volume.