What tools/procedures/forms do you use for completing a network audit,
especially for a brand new job/customer/acquisition/location/etc?

Here are a few that I have run across, any other suggestions, thoughts, etc?
- SIW Technician's Version is fine for scanning individual workstations, but
it doesn't do anything special for finding server roles & such on servers.
Also not very easy to compile all that information into a useable
- LANsurveyor Express - it is a plug in to visio that does a scan of the
network via ip and creates a visio map
- Spiceworks - fine for just a simple ms-only environment from the looks of
it, any good reporting or such with it?
- this quick script looks like it would give a little bit of info

It would be nice if there was actual documentation currently, but of course
there is not, since you know that is not how real life operates.

Any other thoughts/recommendations/etc?