We have Netware 6.5 SP8 servers on edirectory v10554.34 and we are seeing this more often at first it was only happening at one school windows XP computers but now we see it more often where if someone tries to login right away on boot or restart they get error "tree or server cannot be found" Then if you wait 5-40 seconds you can login just fine. Everything seems good if you check slpinfo /all after login. The problem only seems to happen on boot or restart some computers see this problem daily.

I looked at TID 10086186 and tried the 1st XP registry change on a PC and it didn't change.

I tried entering SLP DA manually in the client settings: Service Location tab adding the IP address to Directory Agent List tried checking and un-checking the static box doesn't seem to make a difference.

We push most of these setting out via DHCP and for most machines that works fine. The setting is set in DHCP code 78. I saw some discussions talking about also setting code 79 which we have never done but haven't tried yet. Is code 79 = to Scope List in the client properties?

I have also tried opening the port in the windows firewall to the servers IP address UPD port 427.

Any ideas on what else we can try or should we be setting code 79 too?