I have a VLAN subnetted network: VLAN 2 is for subnet 192.168.50.x and it's default gateway is which is one interface on my BorderManager 3.8 box. Another VLAN gateway's out to BM on a different interface and it's traffic is kept totally isolated from everything else. All of that is working well..... (so why did I break it???)

I added a new VLAN to my switch plant: VLAN 5 for subnet 192.168.70.x. I enabled routing on all the switches for VLAN's 2 and 5 so that any machine in the .50 subnet can talk to any machine in the .70 subnet, and vise-versa. All of the routing within the switches is working well.


I was hoping that the new VLAN .70 traffic would go out through BorderManager on the default route out of the core switch and get to the Internet just like traffic does on the .50 network. Sadly, it doesn't.

I don't know if it's a packet filter issue, a routing issue, or what. I did try binding a address to the same NIC in the BM box that has on it. The BM box has a default static route that points do my router.

Everything is working as I want it to except for 192.168.70.x traffic getting to and through BM and out to the Internet. Machines on the .70 subnet can't even ping the BM box on either .70.2 and/or .50.2 -- the 2 addresses bound to the NIC that is physically cabled to VLAN 2 (.50.x)

Am I going to have to put yet another NIC in the BM box for the new .70 subnet and duplicate all of my filter exceptions for the 2 subnets? I hope not!

Any advice greatly appreciated!!