I am about to move a single domain, single PO system (GW8 sp1hp1) from NW 6.5sp7 to either a SLES 10 sp3 or OES2 virtual server. I'm looking for any opinions out there (hopefully based on practical experience) regarding running GW8 just on a SLES 10 sp3 Xen DomU (option 1) or a full blown SLES 10 sp3 w/OES2 sp2 DomU (option 2). I know with option 1 eDirectory will not be running on the VM whereas with OES2 I would definitely have an eDirectory partition. And, I know with OES2 I could store the GW PO database on an NSS volume, if desired. However, after doing some research it appears that Ext3 would be absolutely fine as well for GW (at least if the PO is not huge - mine is 10GB). Would management one way or the other be easier? I suspect I would need to support Samba with option 1 - but that is not a big deal. Would option 1 be simpler, less complicated and in the end, more stable? And could I run ALL agents with either approach - MTA, POA, GWIA and Webacc on a single virtual server, like I do with NetWare? Would running Console1 be easier in one case of the other? Thanks for any input.