Hi everyone!

I installed a SLES11 and patched it rug against our zlm server, then uninstalled the zlm agent with zlm-uninstall, then installed mono from the zcm10 media and then ZCM10. At this point I only had the ZENworks Preboot Policy Service that did not start after checking with /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenwirks-configue -c SystemStatus.
I continue with reinstalling the zlm agent again with the -i option skipping imaging, but now also the Novell ZENworks Management Agent is not starting.
I was told to follow the TID 7003939.

Any ideas why these to services dont start up as they should?

SLES11 (Full updated)
ZCM10.2 (SystemUpdated to 10.2.2)
External MSSQL 2005