Hello all: I have run out of room in my /var partition. I would like to move the content-repo directory to a much larger nss volume and have asked this very forum on how this is done.

While moving the folder is relatively easily, the problem that comes up is user rights issues on the nss volume. Since both the user:zenworks and group:zenworks are machine-local accounts, they cannot be assigned rights on an nss volume. However, the content-repo directory needs zneworks:zenworks rights.

So first off, does someone out there have a workaround they can share?

I was wondering if this is possible:

1. Create in eDir a user and group both named zenworks
2. Assign them the proper rights to the content-repo folder on the nss drive
3. Enable them in LUM

What I don't know is how this will affect the existing zenworks accounts.

Thanks for the assistance, Chris.