I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, so pls excuse me if not.

OK - Let's play Stump The Technicians, Ready?

Only ONE of my PCs has this prob. Ping (DOS or a Win utility), remote connectivity out (VNC), GroupWise newsgroup connectivity, FTP utils etc. do not work when accessing things on the Internet. Only my browsers work OK on this problem PC. These same utils work on all of my other PCs which are on the same subnet.

Here's the dilemma...
When I connect the problem PC to another router, thereby bypassing my BM protected network, these things all work fine. Consequently, you would think that the prob must be with a BM filter, right? Wrong!
I unload the BM filters and I still cannot access the Internet, except for the browser; and remember, my other PCs can ping Novell.com just fine thru BM. My file servers can also ping Novell.COM from the console prompt.

So, now I'm suspecting that the prob is PC specific. So I disable the Win firewall and still have the problem. After reviewing my running tasks, I don't have any SpyWare or Viruses that I know of.

Recently, I made some changes to the BM filters and possibly other BM settings in order to get my recently installed iTunes software to work. But, as usual, I did not log these changes :( . I did find and delete one iTunes filter that I found, but still the prob persists after unloading & reloading the filters. I even rebooted the server still no pinging. I even uninstalled iTunes and deleted the directory. Still no go.

My HOSTS file looks clean on both my prob PC and on my BM server. The prob PC is getting the correct DHCP info as far as IP address & gateway assignments.

The BM services enabled is just the HTTP Proxy. I've literally spent daze (er, days) on this and have made 0 progress. The BM access rules allow everything; it's a small TekLab.

Are there any other ideas out there that can point me in the right direction???

Here's my platform:
PC = XP-Pro @ SP2, 1GB RAM
BM Ver = 3.8 @ SP1a (installed May '04)
BM NOS = NW6.0 @ SP5

Tx for the assist.