So we are testing using webaccess with LDAP authentication and so far it
works fine but we have run into a situation. We have several (hundred)
GW accounts that are external entities. These are employees that are
always in the field and do not have offices. All they need is e-mail.
What we have found is that once a PO is set to use LDAP the usual GW
authentication no longer all.

Example: UserA is an e-mail only account on a PO that is NOT set to
authenticate using LDAP. UserA can login to webaccess using a GW
password he set. Now...we move UserA to a PO that is setup to
authenticate using LDAP. UserA can no longer get into webaccess using
their GW password. BUT...they do not have an LDAP account because they
are not a user in eDir.

Is seems to me that the way it should work is if the user does not exist
in LDAP it should then look to see if there is a GW account and then use
that password to authenticate.

Is there a fix for this behavior?

Chris Lowe
Datacenter Admin
City of Boise, Idaho