An other incredible behavior with client GW8.01 and GW8.01HP

if you resend one of your mail and if you given name or last name
contains a "-" in eDir, the from field of your email is populated with a
second occurrence of (givenname lastname); if you resend this again,
then you get it 2 times (givenname lastname)(givenname lastname)etc...

so an example:

Suppose you are Snow White, with a frenchy touch,

eDir Given Name: Blanche-Neige
eDir Last Name: Disney
and your GW address book is updated with it in first name/last name/name
according eDir,

Then if you resend one of your email, then the "from field" will look
like that:

X-Priority: 1
X-Mailer: GroupWise 8.0
From: "Blanche-Neige Disney (Blanche-Neige Disney)"

If you resent this last one, then you get:

X-Priority: 1
X-Mailer: GroupWise 8.0
From: "Blanche-Neige Disney (Blanche-Neige Disney) (Blanche-Neige
Disney)" <blancheneige.disney@sevendwarfs.com>


That does not happen if your name in eDir is White Snow, Blanche Neige
or Pocahontas...

Outside of fairy tales, there are names such as jean-claude, anne-marie,
arte-news etc and once upon a time complaining users...

Is this completely absurd? or does somebody have already met this
behavior? I get this problem on different groupwise systems since I
upgraded them to 8.01 or 8.01HP.

Thanks in advance for help