Hi Guys

I'm trying to set up a DNS server to serve addresses for our wireless

The server is placed in it's own tree.
It has filters configured (as the wireless is a low security zone).
The BM has also filters enabled against the DMZ of course.

I would of course like to be able to adminster the server from the LAN.

DNS server is configured to use the LAN timeserver.
I've created NTP exceptions for this specific IP from the DMZ to the
timeserver on the LAN.

SLP on the DNS is configured to use the LAN SLP. Port 427 UDP has been
opened statefull from the DNS servers IP to the two servers on the LAN
serving as SLPDA's. Scope list is configured on the DNS to use the same
scope as the internal SLPDA's.
I've checked the SLP settings on the servers, they all have SLP TCP=OFF,
so that's also set on the DNS server.

So far so good, this works nicely.

Now it's time for NCP, so that I can authenticate against it.
And now I'm getting a bit confused.
If I go and to a "SET NCP PROTOCOL PREFERENCES" I get a reply of "TCP
IPX" on some servers, and empty on others.
But if I go and look at NCP over UDP it's set to on.

So, what should I do, amend the preferences to include UDP, and then put
UDP at the top, and then create UDP filters for NCP, or should I set the
NCP over UDP to OFF, and create TCP filters, and create the
corresponding preferences?

This will of course affect all the servers on the LAN, so I guess I
should syncronize these settings, but what is recommended, securitywise
and stabilitywise?


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