Struggling with getting a basic feature of a Small Business Server working.
Just a simple remote workstation vpn into the server!

NOWS SBE Server with two nics
eth0 - (doing NAT, DHCP, DNS etc)
eth1 - Public IP

Install the firewall product from the Simba interface

Then Install the OpenVPN product using the advance option and set the public
interface to eth1/public ip.

Once installed, reboot. Then checked the firewall which defaults to internal
and external all being open.

Go into the Users part and enable OpenVPN access. This creates a package per
user, which includes the config files. The windows version includes a
version of the OpenVPN client.

Download the Windows Client package (Find out the OpenVPN client included in
NOWS SBE can't cope with Windows 7). Solution is to use the one from and copy the config files and key into it from the package
the Simba interface makes.

But for now are using a Windows XP machine.

When it connects in, the OpenVPN client and server end up on their own
network of 192.168.230.x. It then adds routes for the internal network range
of and the public ip range to use a gateway of

This is where it starts to go wrong:
a) why does the OpenVPN client add a route for the public ip range?
b) At this point you can no longer access from the public ip the NOWS SBE
OpenEnterprise Server site. Nor can you ping the public ip anymore. Nor can
you ping anything on the internal network range of the NOWS SBE box or
access anything on the NOWS SBE box from the internal ip or public ip.

Have opened a SR 10594512271.

- The issue has to be with the OpenVPN config, but all I have done is follow
the Simba interface to create the service.

The documentation on this is, say what ratter limited.

Anyone got this feature working at all? Or anyone got it working when the
NOWS SBE box is also acting as a gateway/nats for a internal network?