Hello Folks. Thanks for assistance if you can.

Trying to get connected to Market Start Web Seminars from Novell
and nothing happens. Ran the port test and this was the result.

WIN 8,0,22,0

RMTP Default: Timed Out 20s
RMTP Default: Closed 20s
RMTP Port 80: Timed Out 20s
RMTP Port 80: Closed 20s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Default: Failed 1.3s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 80: Failed 1.5s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 443: Failed 1.3s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 1935: Timed Out 20.1s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 1935: Closed 20.1s

Has anyone configured BM 3.8 for such? I've now missed the first
seminar and would like to avoid missing the next.

thanks again.

Martin Stepanek
martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com (
'mailto:martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com' )