Have decided to give BM one last hurrah. Situation was existing BM 3.7 setup that I inherrited that I was never happy with, something was always wrong with it. So, have gone for a new install in parallel on a different machine.

Steps taken in this approximate order:

Create new OU and make it a seperate partition.
Install NW6.5SP8
Install BM 3.9SP1
Install SP2
Patch to IR1
Make this server the master replica on that partition
Get the NW license working
Get the BM licenses working
Setup 5 CACHE partitions on 5 different disks, 15gig, 16K clusters, no sub-allocation, with NoRM. Run vRepair against each to remove LONG namespace.
Get second NIC working (for some reason it did not detect at inital NW install time)
Install latest iManager snapins for iManager 2.7.2

At BM install at startx I only selected the proxies and access filters. VPN not needed.

At this point the http proxy loads OK. The issue is that some of the configurations I do in iManager does not need to take effect, basically anything to do with the bm.npm plugin I suspect (access rules appear to be OK).

If I make changes to the cache volume config for the 5 dedicated disks, the console screen reports that the proxy is configured with 1 cache volume with 64 directories (the default, probably on SYS:\). Also, i need the http proxy to be a CERN client, anything I change on that screen does not stick. I can enter details without errors, however when going back to that screen nothing is there.

I am not up to filter config yet so I can not report if that section is working properly.

Installed iManager 2.7.2 plugins reported as:

NBM ACL Configuration 2.2.20091012
NBM Firewall Configuration 2.2.20091012
NBM Proxy Configuration 2.2.20091012

Using firefox.

BRDSRVS: PROXY Config Current XML attribute on the NCP server Object appears to be OK, with the options setup as I had specified in iManager. When I start the proxy from the console running startbrd.ncf, the screen reports reading configuration from NDS. No errors... except that its obviously not readiong the configuration correctly because the CERN neighbour is not there, and it still says 1 CACHE volume.

I'm lost as where to be looking next??