We are running 10.2.2 Agent and we have device refresh schedule set to every 8 hours for Full and 4 hours for partial. The issue we are facing we generally do upgrades by removing the old bundle and add the new bundle to the devices. The have the bundles set to install at Zen Login with the zenwork explorer set to "0" days.

Because the devices uninstall is set to "0" days and we have the devices refresh set when it does it Full refresh which occur some during the day, it will uninstall the old software but new software will not re-install until we login. Is there a TID or some thing Novell have going to fix the refresh schedule to set to refresh the devices after hours Rather that every so many hour or random.

Have any of you seen this issue and know of other have experience, we like to open a call with Novell and seeking a fix.