Hello: We use GW7 for our email service. GWIA is installed
on our BM3.8 server. I have all needed filters setup and
working to allow inbound smtp traffic from our email
filtering service (Postini) as well as an outgoing stateful
filter to our ISP's relay server for outgoing email. The
outgoing filter is directed to the ip address of the relay

OK, I am now configuring some UPSs to broadcast email alerts
in the event of failures. The problem is that gwia is
listening on the public interface so I have to get this
traffic out somehow. I changed our outgoing stateful filter
to allow traffic from both interfaces to any destination.
This worked BUT I started to get spam coming through. Now
this could have been a coincidence but I doubt it.

Does this right to you? Could really use some help, and as
always I greatly appreciate your input.