Hi Guys

I've tried to set up this old machine as a DNS server, and place in a
DMZ. Thus I wanted filters to protect it a bit.
I've tried a couple of things to get filters working, and I think I
found out why it didn't work properly before, 'Configure Interface
Options' was set to private...

I deleted all the exceptions and set the interface to public, but
something went wrong on the server now.

If I try to define a filter or an exception, it gives me an error of
'There are definde Protocol Services.'

I've reapplied SP5 (it's a Netware 6.0), I've tried copying over
builtins.cfg and filters.cfg from another server, no luck so far.

The only TID's I could find was some very old that referred to SFT III
or that the builtins.cfg was missing.


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