I'm trying to creat a semi-automatic installation of an OES2SP2-server.
I want the process to ask the user some questions at the beginning like
IP-address, treename and so on and the install the server with these

I've read about <ask>s and <script>s but what I want does not work. I
have <ask>-statements with all the questions and they are written to
separate files. Then I want a script to modify the XML-answerfile by
replacing placeholders like the admin-name or the ip address with the
content of the corresponding answer file created by the <ask>s.

My problem is: the PreInit-scripts work before the <ask>-statements and
thus I cannot create a modified.xml which would be read by the
autoinstallation process before starting the installation. Scripts in
<ask>-statements are starting to work withe SLES11 - so I would have to
wait until OES3 which is no alternative as I need the solution now. The
<chroot>-scripts are too late as all the configuration has been stored

Well, who knows where I have to make my changes with the
<chroot>-scripts so teh autoinstallation finds them. Or who has another