I need to setup our BM filters to allow a new application to function

properly. The application goes out over the Internet and starts a

Windows 2003 Terminal Services session. I have been told that I need to

open outbound ports 3389 (Remote Deskop), 4660 (File Printer Sharing),

and 80 (Web).

I see in filtcfg that there are already filter execeptions for 3389 and

80, so I just created a filter exception for 4660. I still can't

connect, however. When I unload IPFILT the application connects just


I setup the filter exeption as: Source Interface: all, Destination

Interface: all, Packet Type: FileAndPrinterSharing (I created this),

Source Port: all, Destination Port: 4660, Protocol: TCP, Stateful

Filtering: Enabled, Source Addr Type: Any Address, Destination Addr

Type: Any Address.

The packet type that I created (FileAndPrinterSharing) is defined as:

Protocol: TCP, Source Ports: All, Dest Ports 4660, Ack bit filtering:

disabled, Stateful filtering: enabled.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?