I upgraded our Bordermanager server to new hardware and from NW6SP5 to
NW6.5SP5 with the nw65os5a.exe patch and the n65nss5a.exe patch. I
discovered that my default filters were not working correctly when I
installed a wireless laptop and found out it could get to the internet
without logging into our novell servers. I unloaded ipflt, ipxflt, and
filtsrv and renamed the filters.cfg file and then ran brdcfg. It seemed to
run fine, but when I look at the filters.cfg file it shows filters that were
setup on the nics from the old server as well as the filters for the new

When I run filtcfg and try to delete the filters related to the old nic, it
causes an abend in the server and the filtcfg screen hangs.

What do I need to do to clean things up and getting them running properly

I'm running BM3.8SP4 with ir4.