ok, I want to view the GroupWise Mobile Server web cast, available from:

popup window appears, and says it is not connected, and nothing streams....

I tried out the Novell streaming Media Port Tester, available from the page above, and got the following:

FlashComm server port test application
WIN 8,0,24,0

RMTP Default: Timed Out 20s
RMTP Default: Closed 20s
RMTP Port 80: Timed Out 20s
RMTP Port 80: Closed 20s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Default: Failed 1.4s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 80: Failed 1.4s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 443: Failed 1.2s
RMTPT (Tunneling) Port 1935: Timed Out 20s
Test completed,

can somebody help me set up a stateful outbound exception such that I can view this.
BM3.8, on NW6.5

I am already using HTTP outbound proxy, and IE and Firefox are successfully setup to use this

many thanks