BM 3.7 sp3 on NW 6 sp5 box with 2 NICs (internal and external).
I need to add another internal NIC to create another address set (currently
using on existing internal NIC) New range will be on
the NIC I'm adding. I would like it so neither address set (internal ) can
see the other.
What would I need to do to the RIP or OSPF? to accomplish this.
Am I correct in thinking that I can have two different address sets use the
Internet access of the Public NIC?

I have 5 static IP's, 3 are Nated to internal servers and the other two are
being used for proxy and reverse proxy.

This BM Server has been operating flawlessly for 7 years and I have not had
to modify anything (hardware wise) so I am a bit rusty.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.