Hello folks.

Iprint works perfectly in house. Our internal network sits behind
a BM3.8 firewall. I'm trying to download the iprint client from a
customers site but keep getting a winsock error 10060. The clients
site is also behind a BM3.8 firewall.

What port exceptions do I need to create on our BM server and the
customers BM server to get this to work? Basically I just need the
port numbers required outbound from the Client site, and inbound
at our site. 631, 515 is there anything else that would relate to
the 10060 winsock error? I get that error when trying to download
the driver. The web page is up, I have downloaded the client and
installed, but cannot pull the driver?

Thanks for your help.

Martin Stepanek
martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com (
'mailto:martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com' )