it's seems to me that the Novell Client 2 for Windows 7 shows the
following two issues:

1.) a MS Access MDB can not be opened from a Novell network drive
(hosted on a OES2 Linux server). We use a MDB based application (third-
party) and after upgrading to the mentioned client version the
application can not start anymore. Instead it says something like
"Db.err 3261 Table 'MSysAccounts' is locked exclusivly by user xxxx".

The application can still be started from workstations with WinXP, even
with Win7 if the installed client version is Novell Client 2 for Windows
Vista-2008 IR1a.

Disabling File Caching and enabling File Commit does not solve the

2.) after a win7 station goes into standby mode and is woken up later
on, the novell client does perform the reconnect but does *not* populate
the networkaddress property of the user's NDS object. This means that IP
address based SSO authentication fails after the workstation has been in
standby mode (looks like the bug as with client 4.91, prior sp3).

Anybody experiencing the same problems, having a tip how to solve them?

Thanks in advance,