I have a user that brought this to our attention a couple of months ago and I'm just barely getting a chance to dive into it.

He has a Blackberry Tour (Verizon) and has been using Windows Vista. He upgraded his Blackberry Desktop software sometime in December, and started seeing this behavior several weeks later. None of us admins remember doing anything back then to our GroupWise systems that might have affected anything.

What he is seeing, and other Blackberry users at our location that do this exact same thing, is when he accepts an appointment from someone else, the appointment shows up in his Blackberry with the text
. If he sends an appointment to himself and anyone else, when syncing it will append the text
to the appointment. Also, once these extra strings are appended to the original appointments, upon the next sync they are duplicated with the extra {GR} and {GO} strings into the GroupWise calendar. The process repeats.

Posted appointments do not display this behavior.

I have verified that this also happens with a Blackberry Storm (Verizon) on an XP SP3 machine.

I have setup a VMware test environment that only has Windows XP SP3 and GW 7.0.3 (September 2009), and have begun testing with Blackberry's developer's simulator for the Tour and older versions of their Desktop software and to my surprise, I've been able to duplicate it.

From what I can tell, this behavior happens with GW clients from at least 7.0.3 to 8.0.1HP, Windows XP SP3 to Vista, and Blackberry Desktop software to the most recent one (5.1?). The only variable that has changed very little is our main GroupWise backend. When this problem was discovered, our GroupWise domain and all post offices were 8.0.1 and have since been upgraded to 8.0.1HP.

I am working with Blackberry on it, but am curious if any Blackberry users out there can duplicate this on their GroupWise systems. It is virtually impossible to search the internet for the error messages we get since they include "special characters" .