Let's start a new thread:

My real costs with Groupwise:

1) I use a Colo...few grand per month
2) I have more than one circuit so mail flows no matter what
3) I have 3 Spam filters, 2 A/V gateways, 3 Groupwise servers, Tape Backups
and TBU servers. The entire colo does email.
4) Maintenance Fees for Novell...if you pay them
5) Maintenance on the servers, hardware and software upgrades.
6) Downtime, due to not having multi vendor, multihomed, gigantic clusters
in multiple cities
7) If one were on Exchange, you cannot due in-place upgrades
8) Physical security of the building is better v. normal businesses
9) Gwim is so-so. GWIM has limited support on phones. GWIM forum is a
ghost town. Gwim is dead.

Costs for Hosted:
1) $10 or so per user per month.
2) You get Live Communicator and Live Meeting. Awesome
3) They perform the upgrades
4) SLAs