Hi all: Setting up a new bundle to install the mySQL ODBC driver. The bundle has four actions:

1. Registry edit
2. edit odbc.ini file
3. edit odbcinst.ini file
4. Copy various driver files from server to C:\Windows\system32

When I run this bundle it fails with:

Device Alias: gr_is_xp-vm_@_ GR_IS_XP-VM.vrapc.ad
Device IP Address:
Error: [2/12/10 8:54:44 AM] BundleManager GenericActions.UnexpectedError Unexpected error installing file. Error: Could not find the directory \\Gr14\NSS1\zcm\appfiles\MyODBC\Windows\system32.

Disabling Action 4 results in the bundle completing without error. I can browse to the directory on the server where the files to be copied are stored without issue, and my users have full rights to the directory.

Thanks for the help, Chris.