I was looking at upgrading several SLES 10sp2 servers to SLES 10sp3 but have encountered an issue and I don't know what is going on. These servers are using ZLM and were updated to SP2 with ZLM. I wanted to update one manually by going through the Novell Customer Center link in Yast and registering this server. So I ssh into the server went to Yast|Software|Novell Customer Center Configuration and filled in all the required information. Once that was complete I clicked on Software|Online Update and it tells me nothing. I looked at the Installation Sources and it only has the installation server which I installed SLES with. Is ZLM preventing this server from updating? I logged into the Novell Customer Center with my username and password and looked under the SLES servers with the activation code I used and I see this server there. I went through the steps again and noticed that in Novell Customer Center it says Suse Linux Enterprise Server SP1 but I updated the server to SP2 which the server does show as being SP2 using both cat /etc/issue - Welcome to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 (x86_64) - Kernel \r (\l). and SPidnet -vv shows this:
Summary (using 979 packages)
Product/ServicePack conflict match update (shipped)
SLE-10-x86_64 1 0.0% 327 33.4% 250 (2754 11.9%)
- nmap 2:4.68-1 < 4.00-14.2
SLE-10-x86_64-SP1 1 0.0% 458 46.8% 256 (2938 15.6%)
- nmap 2:4.68-1 < 4.00-14.2
SLE-10-x86_64-SP2 1 0.0% 696 71.1% 256 (2337 29.8%)
- nmap 2:4.68-1 < 4.00-14.2
Unknown 282 28.8%

Legend for Package Details:
- conflicting package (found < expected)

CONCLUSION: No supported Product/ServicePack found at all!
(at least one conflict has been detected everywhere)

The conclusion doesn't sound very good. What or how can I manually update this server? I would like to manually update a few of these servers first before using ZLM to update them all again.