I am trying to get a generic configuration down via nciman (I had a nice one for windows 2003, but the settings aren't the same and don't carry over to 2008)

I THOUGHT I configured the unattend config file properly via NCIMAN for Windows 2008 SP2 64-bit *NOT RC2*

The client installs fine EXCEPT

On the initial login screen, it's not defaulted to the Novell Logon

You have to click "Novell Logon"

I verified (after logging in) that the Novell Client is set properly (or so I think)

The setting is:

Advanced Settings
Computer Only Logon Default = Never

I will note that currently I am logging into the Windows 2008 server via the mstsc (rdp) connection and the server is in Terminal Services ADMIN/Remote mode, not terminal services mode.

I'm not familiar at all with 2008 and this is our first server to play with.