A little over a week ago, I got up in the morning and noticed what I
thought was the onset of an ocular migraine. I've had them before, so
wasn't too concerned.

However, instead of it following normal procedure, it was just a
flashing crescent at the corner of my right eye that didn't go any
further, and instead of lasting the usual half hour during which vision
gets blocked for awhile in one eye, the vision was never blocked, and
instead my eye was full of floaters and billions of tiny black or grey
dots and circles.

Eye wash didn't get rid of it, so it was internal to the eye itself.
Turns out it's something that sometimes happens to people when
proteins break away from the inside wall of the eye. My right eye is
now like I'm looking out through a slightly tinted window. The dots
aren't really noticeable unless I'm looking at a light-colored large
area, like a white wall or an overcast sky in the day.

I was pretty irritated with it, because this can last up to six months,
and it's as if there's always something floating in front of your
pupil, and then I received an email from a friend from high school.
woken recently with a terrible headache, so had gotten up to take a
Tylenol. By the time he reached the bathroom, he realized he was blind
in one eye. He'd had a stroke in his eye, where the blood circulation
was cut off and the eye had died.

Now I feel silly for being irritated by some dots. Sometimes we just
don't know when we're well off, and then something comes along to
remind us that we are. : )

Novell Community Chat Moderator