Greetings All,

We are having a small issue with BorderManager claiming that the ISP’s DNS
servers are “down.”

We have spoken with the ISP and their DNS servers are functional. We have
also put a PC on the public side of BM and pointed the computer to those
DNS servers during this supposed “Down” time period. Browsing was
functional though.

Over the course of the day, users will inform us that the Internet is not
working and they are getting 502 error messages.
We proceed to look on the Proxy Console screen; option 4 and note that BM
claims both ISP’s DNS servers are “Down” and web browsing has ceased to

By shutdown BM and restarting it, the DNS servers come back to an “Up”
state. Shortly thereafter the first DNS server in the list goes to the
“Down” state.

The ISP has given us other IP address of their DNS servers to try and we
have the same result.

We are not using the DNS Proxy here, but do have filter exceptions setup
for the TCP & UDP traffic for port 53.

If anyone could offer any kind of help or suggestions, it would greatly be
I hope this makes sense. If you need me to clarify, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your time, help, and cooperation.

Ntssupport AT gmail DOT com