Greetings, all...

Here's one of those odd questions which really doesn't make much difference in the long run, other than providing a puzzle to solve:

A couple months ago, I finally migrated my last client running NetWare 5.0 (no, I'm not kidding!) on a dual PII/233 machine to a Proliant DL380 G4 running OES2 Linux 64-bit.

Needless to say, the migration didn't go as smoothly as one would have hoped; in fact, anyone who knows NetWare knows that getting from 5.0 to anywhere is a feat unto itself... ;-) Anyway, I bumped the little box up from 5.0 - 5.1 - 6.5 (applying all the patches I could find along the way), and finally did the migration across the wire to the new box (this is a single server environment, with only a handful of users).

eDirectory finally migrated over, but I was never able to get the filesystem to move. I had to do that manually (luckily, all the files fit on a single USB stick, so the only thing I lost was the trustee & rights info, which in this setup really made little difference to set back up again after the transfer).

Anyway, I happened to notice today that the NetWare 5.0 license containers and licenses are still in the tree. Trying to remove them from C1 running on the server yields me an error that I don't have rights to do this(!), and iManager, of course, complains that no NetWare licensing provider can be contacted.

So, aside from setting up a temporary NetWare box in this tree solely to zap those pesky objects, or resorting to something drastic, like manually hacking them out, does anyone have an idea as to how to more elegantly retire these objects from the tree?

Thanks, and I hope that this has provided at least a little humor to some longtime friends and colleagues. ;-)