Something went wrong on my main work computer (XP sp3). My profile somehow got a restrictive Zen works Desktop policy applied. Basically I can only run already installed programs, I am blocked from any admin work under my ID. The admin account was somewhat restricted, but I got to regedit and removed most of the restrictions removed.

I thought I would just recreate my account manually and move my desktop. But every new profile added is highly restricted, even if the ID has admin rights and never logged into the network. I can not get to Regedit to fix the profile.

It appears that the "default" profile, is now restricted. We do not have AD, and the restricted profile looks like out "locked down" user profile.

Anyone know how to fix the default user profile? This not a normal ZEN question. But somehow ZEN caused it.

We use Zen 7. My PC is XP, sp3.

Phil J