After having done quite a few server migrations to new hardware, I have had
one fail the weekend with the following:

- An error occurred while restoring NDS to server 'GRACE'.
--- Error caused by a NetWare API error ---
Network error: Connection invalid
(Error code: 0X8801 Function Name: NWCCGetConnInfo)

This happened after the source server was downed, the destination server had
assumed the source server name, but not rebooted yet.

I could not restart the migration wizard as it would not proceed past
wanting me to log in to both sorce & destination servers.

I ended up having to log a call with NTS to get the new (destination)
server progressed which ended up being a marathon session and not something
I would want to have to work through again as getting printing, DHCP and a
bunch of other services back up and running again was a real mission.

So my question is, what exactly does the above error message signify and
what could have possibly caused it?

I have only two more servers to upgrade and they are the most critical in
our organisation and the window for the migration for them is extremely
small due to the sites they are located at.

Thanks - Mark