Tried to upgrade from GW7 to GW8 with the latest GW8 install over the weekend on an NW 6.5 server. System is running & can send and receive mail. The GroupWise 7 client works fine internally, but we have multiple problems:
1. GW users cannot connect from the outside using the Groupwise client. Get the message,"An unexpected error has occurred. Please exit and restart Groupwise. If this error occurs repeatedly, please note the error code in the title before seeking assistance." There is NO error code.
2. Cannot get the WebAccess to install properly or run. We have made sure the GroupWise agents, Tomcat, Apache, and Java were NOT running during the install.
3. Attempts to use the GW8 client internally, which works with GW7 gives the error message,"The version of GroupWise you are using cannot access this post office." This makes me think the install of 8 was not complete, or some setting was left behind from gw7 that still flags this as version 7. On the server the GroupWise MTA, POA, and GWIA are all listed as versions 8.0.1.
4. In the GW 7 client attempts to access address information on a contact gives the following error, "An error occurred while generating the summary page for this contact. Try selecting a different style sheet."
Again this makes me think the install did not complete properly.

Any suggestions as to where to begin?