Several of my customers want to use Teaming as their intranet.
This means that they want to simplify some of the pages and make them look more like a webpage-presentation with text and links that let you navigate from page to page.

But when you enter a folder in Teaming, the entries are shown as blog, DiscussionFolderList or files. There is no default webpage-entry :-(

So I have built the "webpages" as wiki-entries because the wiki-view as default shows all of the text in the entry. And the users can navigate using the links on the wiki-page.
Using a landingpage I can remove the Sidebar, The Main Menu and the footer.
The only issue is the Wiki-menu in the right side of the page. I want to remove this also, but it is hardcoded into the wiki-folder-view jsp-file :-(

The best way to solve this issue would be to make a new custom folderview, which shows the entries as a wiki, but without the wiki-menu.
I suspect this can be done with some jsp-programming.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Soren Dahl