I am trying to set up outlook 2003 to work correctly with Groupwise. So far, everything is working correctly EXCEPT for sharing calendars. We do a lot of sharing calendars here (I'm a desktop support technician) for reservations of laptops and out of office information, etc.

I made sure that I am using the GroupWise connector profile in windows. After tons of research, I did this:

Tools > Options > E-mail Accounts > View or Change Exisiting

Change "Novell Groupwise" MAPI (default)

> more Settings > Mailboxes

and here you have an option for "GroupWise Proxy". I went to add proxy and typed in the name of the calendar that I am trying to share.

When I do this, I get the error message:

"Errors were encountered witht he following providers while saving changes to the message service: Add - GroupWise Proxy Store (Projector/Laptop Reservations) 0x8004010f".

I am not sure what to do.. I have searched the internet for a few hours and have found no resolution to this problem.