Anyone else trying Chrome on the Mac? I'm having two problems, and I wonder if
anyone sees them:

1. I have a proxy with authentication. Apparently Chrome on the Mac uses the
proxy settings in the Mac system preferences. Firefox has it's own proxy
settings. If I enable proxy in the system preferences, two of my apps just
crash (NetNewsWire and Twitterific). Apparently they cannot do proxy
authentication, so either I have to bypass the proxy for Chrome, or not use it.
Has anyone else seen this?

2. Firefox allows you to open an entire bookmark folder in tabs. Because of my
proxy authentication, I have a generic homepage (so I get asked just once for
the proxy info), and then I go to my bookmarks and open 7 pages that I like to
have open all of the time in tabs with one click. I can't see how to open an
entire folder of bookmarks in Chrome at once. Am I overlooking something?


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