The directory quotas on my OES2 Linux server are not working anymore. Directory quotas are turned on on the volumes I normally set quotas on user's home dirs, but they all show as Unlimited & when I try to set a limit (using Windows explorer), the number disappears as soon as I click OK and goes back to Unlimited.
Using the JBUtils Quotas program to try to set the quotas I get "Failed to set the quota (0x889C)".

I've tried turning quotas off & on again and dismounting & mounting the volume but it doesn't make any difference.

I checked that my user object has Supervisor [Entry Rights] to the server object in eDirectory & my effective rights to the root of each volume are SRWECMFA.

I can still create/delete files & folders anywhere on the volume, though I don't seem to be able to salvage or purge on those volumes. Same thing goes for Admin.

I'm not sure if this a rights issue or some sort of volume corruption?